Public Commission for Bingham Library Trust

I’m working on a public commission that is close to heart and home, ‘Cirencester – Capital of the Cotswolds’. This is a large canvas for The Bingham Library Trust. I’ve been making pencil, ink, watercolour and more recently, pastel studies of architecture in Cirencester and asking people in the street what buildings and features strike a chord with them and why? I am also trying to include aspects of the town that reflect the legacy of Daniel Bingham and his ongoing influence through the work of the Trust and also the way in which his interests and attitude have shaped Cirencester today.

Pictured below are two recent studies. These outdoor studies are rougher and have a different kind of vitality than the lines and colours that emerge when working from photos. I want to keep this kind of rawness and vitality in the four foot square canvas that is where its all coming together.

Above left: Blackjack St, Bingham’s Birthplace, Above right: Cecily Hill and the Tontine Building

(Click on the images to enlarge)

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